Almas Clowns Update June 2016

As you saw in the picture in the May issue we had a wonderful time at the Cherry Blossom Parade. There were lots of Clowns from other Shrine Centers that joined us and several “Friends of the Clowns” including some of our Ladies and children and grandchildren of Shriners in attendance also. We were a big hit with the crowd. We had other clown vehicles along with the Almas Fire Engine driven by Past Potentate Kenny Collins. It was a great day for Almas and the Shrine Clowns.

We still need assistance with our group. As you can see we can have a great time, we just need you to join us to make it better. We need your help in creating the good times and to amuse the crowds. The next big chance to join us is in July at the 4th of July Parade in downtown Washington, DC.

So call me at 301-318-2485 or Jay Whitcome at 301-404-7221 and lets see what kind of a costume we can come up with for you to wear in the parade on Saturday morning.

So lets all get together and make the Almas Clown Unit thrive and we can put on an even better show next year at the Cherry Blossom Parade.

Yours in the Faith
Weird Wally (Walter Simon) Boss Klown

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